Neo Victorian in London

Neo Victorian in London

I've always had a thing for the Neo Victorian look and remember, rather indulgently, how I used to go about my business in a top hat, black velvet opera coat and silver topped cane back in the early 90's. Thank goodness I can't find any photos! Anyway, I was recently in England on an inspiration gathering mission and noticed how the passions I have had for decades are in evident abundance in the decoration of shops and businesses all over London. How Dalston Highstreet has changed since I moved away from London 7 years ago. It used to be a right hovel, apologies to the locals, but now it is a bohemian paradise... with a dash of hovel. First stop on Dalston High street is Pelicans & Parrots which is a veritable cornucopia of curiosa. Basically a lot of old weird cool shit. Excellent!

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