Nelson Mandela: A Tribute

Nelson Mandela: A Tribute

Nelson Mandela died at the age of 95 on December 05, after battling illness for a long time. Everytime news would break of the former President’s health deteriorating, a media circus and widespread panic amongst South Africans, ordinary people whose lives this extraordinary man had touched, would ensue.

South Africa has had a turbulent past: racial segregation, followed by a short-lived tenure as President by the nation’s most beloved and long-suffering warrior, has given the country a difficult future, one where Nelson Mandela is no longer present.

Racial reconciliation seems troubled and the economic situation in the neighbouring African nations can only be aptly referred to as being “on the mend, on the rise, and thriving on competition.”

Mandela spent 27 long-hard years in prison, and his life is a stark contrast to the rich and pompous classes you often see in societies everywhere. Born of royal lineage, he attended private schools. Studied law and even joined the country’s first black firm, founded by Oliver Tambo.

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