Nature's Rainbow

Nature's Rainbow

In the third of our series of nature games and activities for children today we have:

Nature's Rainbow

This is an art and literary nature activity which stimulates children's imagination and gets them looking closely at all the natural colours around them.

For Nature's Rainbow you will need:

A copy of the story of Rainbow-Land (below) Some double sided tape (carpet tape is great as it is quite wide) and a piece of card Something to collect petals etc in Somewhere to collect petals etc.

Before you start stick some double sided tape on a small piece of card. The card needs to be about 15 x 10 cm and the tape about 10 x 5 cm.

Nature's Rainbow involves telling the story of "Rainbow-Land". After the children have heard how without the Rainbow there are no colours they go out to collect colourful natural materials to recreate their own Rainbow.

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