Nature's Autumnal wonderland

Nature's Autumnal wonderland

The signs of Autumn were first evident on a woodland walk in the Surrey Hills. The ground was damp underfoot and the change in season could be smelt in the air. Trees displayed lush green leaves and perfectly formed fungi clung to the trunks.

POD was ecstatic at the first sight of muddy puddles and took great delight in jumping in all those we saw.

There’s nothing better than seeing Autumn through a toddler’s eyes. Everywhere we’ve explored has provided POD with the opportunity to see, hear, touch and smell her surroundings. She’s taken everything in her stride and loved it.

The expression on POD’s face when she saw conkers for the first time was one of joy and utter excitement. She was fascinated by those shiny gems that are encased in spikey shells and fall from the trees. Over these past weeks, she’s collected sticks, acorns and pine cones. She’s climbed wet logs and she’s examined moss.

POD’s taken to kicking leaves with aplomb and she’s treasured her favourites. She’s seen the change in leaves from green to hues of red, orange and gold.

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