National Adoption Week 2013

Did you know you can adopt if you've already got children of your own? If you're over 40? If you're single? If you're gay? Every child is different and every parent is different. Adoption is about matching a child with the best parent to meet their needs.

There are currently three children waiting for an adoptive family for every one available adopter. That's a lot of children in desperate need of a family for life! It's National Adoption Week this week, an annual campaign to find forever families for these children.

So could you adopt? These people did.

Jennifer and Alan, who are in their early 50s, adopted a little boy earlier this year. For them, it was a long journey to parenthood. They got married in their late 30s and were unable to have children. After thinking long and hard about adoption, they made enquiries about it.

They were approved as adopters in December last year and their little boy was placed with them in March.

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