Nailed it... giving up nail biting + freebies

Nailed it... giving up nail biting + freebies

*Stands up* "My name is Make do mum and I am a nail biter"

I don't remember when it started but I can't recall a time when I didn't bite my nails. Both my mum and brother are biters too.

Despite this I have an extensive collection of nail varnishes; mostly free Nails Inc ones that came with magazines, or No7 ones that I've bought when I get those £5 off vouchers at Boots. Every once in a while I go a few days without biting and then I have fun putting polish on. I usually nibble it off again within hours (yes, I know that is gross). It's kind of sad that those varnishes only see the light of day on my toes.

After a tip-off at the Makeup Savvy blog about some great magazine freebies this month, I picked up a £2 copy of Glamour with a lovely Kate Spade for Nails Inc varnish in Urban Glamour on the cover...

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