My Wobbly Wednesday

My Wobbly Wednesday

My Wobbly Wednesday

It's Weigh day for me, as I'm still doing Slimming World on line, I had an email reminder this morning! *Gulp*

I am, however, in a much more positive place mentally this week. I think the change in meds may have had an effect, and now my body has adjusted, my mood has too. Add to that, I have been making myself get out more, it's all added to a much more positive Ojo.

This week has been a little difficult, as far as healthy food goes. It's that week, you know, the week before pay day. Everything is tight, including my trousers. Add to that, it was RJ's birthday Sunday, so the the equivalent of a weeks shopping budget went on one meal out! 

I could of said no, but I had promised him this on his brothers birthday, and I do not break promises to my children. 

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