My Valentines Lust List

My Valentines Lust List If you read my previous post “A Valentines card to my teen self” you’ll quickly realise that I have a rather awkward relationship with Valentine’s Day. However, that being said, it doesn’t stop me from listening to love songs on repeat, perving over jewellery and indulging in my stationary fetish. But if I’m being 100% honest, I do that most of the year round.

However, even old sceptical me can appreciate the massive fluctuation of desirable objects this time of year. There’s so many of them that I just had to share some items that have really made me swoon. In fact, there is one jeweller whose work I have been cooing over for well over a year now, and for her alone, it is worth doing this post. If you don’t already know about Alexis Dove, well I hope that you and your credit card can forgive me. Honestly, aren’t these just perfection? There’s an abundance of beautiful items on her website and I thoroughly recommend that you like her page on Facebook to be able to regularly feast your eyes upon her latest creations.


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