My unique curry in a jar

Dietitian UK: My unique curry in a jar

When I was growing up my mum made pretty much everything from scratch, to the point that I was astounded you could buy things like white sauce and pasta sauce in a jar, I didn’t realise some people bought jars of sauce. Being half Sri-Lankan jars of curry sauce were a definite no-no too, from quite a young age my Sri-Lanka grandmother, known as Archie talked to me about spices and I used to watch her cook all kinds of colourful, fragrant dishes. It is these spices that often flavour my cooking today.

Now in my kitchen my collection of spices is one of my most used things and I have a special tin for my most used “everyday curry spices”: tumeric, cumin, coriander, ginger, chilli flakes and cardomon pods are always in there.

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