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Recently Teletext Holidays put together their Great British Holiday Reportfollow, a fascinating document full of facts and figures. They surveyed 1775 UK adults to find out their attitudes towards how we, as a nation, decide on and book our holidays. This got me thinking about how I holiday and one of the biggest issues I seem to have!

I am afraid I am not renown for packing light – especially after our last trip to France! It probably didn’t help that we were in the process of moving house and I needed to basically pack everything. However, packing for France isn’t the only time I have made the mistake of not packing light. I inevitably ALWAYS come back with at least 10 items of clothing I didn’t wear whilst I was away.

So, what lessons did I learn from packing the last time around? Here are some handy tips that I am going to save for future reference!

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