My Top Five Vegan Recipe Books

My Top Five Vegan Recipe Books

I have quite an extensive collection of vegan cookbooks, I’m pretty sure most vegans do. Some I bought during my first few months of veganism, when I was desperately searching for something to fill the void left by my classic pre-vegan dinners; waffle and cheese slice sandwiches, and yorkshire puddings filled with peas and gravy. It’s fair to say I wasn’t much of a foodie in my younger days.

Since those early days, where I invested in the go-to vegan books, my library of recipes has expanded further with each passing birthday and Christmas. My collection is a strange mix of recipe books I’ve longingly awaited the release of, and others I’ve picked up for 25p at the local charity shop. The charity shop finds tend to have been printed in the 80s, and filled with uninspiring recipes for lentil-filled bland dishes. I usually try out a couple of the recipes, before retiring the books to the back of the shelf, only to be brought out in times of desperation.

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