My summer holiday diary part 2 - Dartmoor

My summer holiday diary part 2 - Dartmoor

Last weekend we went to Dartmoor with Grandma and Pops and my Uncle and stayed in Ash Tree Cottage. Mum, Dad and my little brother went home but I got to stay for the whole week and did loads of fun activities!

We went to Lydford Gorge and saw lots of waterfalls. The biggest waterfall was called The White Lady. There was also a part called The Devils Cauldron where the water has carved away the rock to make it look like a cauldron! There were lots of slippery rocks and narrow paths so you had to be careful but it was really fun. I also went to the café there and had a delicious jacket potato!

Ash Tree Cottage was on a farm. There were sheep which I got to feed a few times and also a dog called Bramble who I made friends with and we played ball most days! There were lots of wildflowers in the fields.

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