My Sleep Survival Kit

My Sleep Survival Kit

When I had my darkest, deepest and most devastating insomnia bout, I was highly sensitive in every imaginably way. I couldn’t tolerate any noise, deviating temperatures, light, disappointments, arguments, setback, bad news, stress… well it looks like I could go forever so let’s stop here. However, there were some critical props that gave me comfort, pampering and hope – especially when I decided to drop all meds.

Don’t get me wrong, none of these props ‘deliver’ sleep. Our good sleep lives within us, not outside us in any form or shape. If there was a quick fix for better sleep, over 30% of people in Western Countries wouldn't be suffering with poor sleep. But I do believe that often dutiful sensitive sleepers should pay a bit more attention to themselves and just enjoy life’s little things and treats a bit more. This list reveals some practical props, some educational props and some pampering props. As we learn to relax, we also learn to love sleeping again.

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