My Schlumbergera and other houseplants

My Schlumbergera and other houseplants Yes that's right my Schlumbergera - isn't it a great word - it's the genus more commonly known as Christmas cactus. Well it still hasn't flowered, but it's so very close now.

And in case you're wondering Frederic Schlumberger was a leading collector of cacti and grew then at his home near Rouen, and was probably among the first in Europe to cultivate schlumbergera, which were discovered in Brazil and introduced by the Kew collector, Alan Cunningham, in about 1816. So now, you know.

Mine came from my in-laws back in the early 2000s, all the way from East Grinstead so had slightly less exotic beginnings. It's done well to last, but I guess that's the beauty of a succulent it can go for a bit (well actually, quite a bit) without water and then springs back to life after a long old soak. And it didn't seem to mind the building dust when we had all that work done the other year either. Perhaps it thought it'd popped back to Brazil or something...


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