My Ridge Radio Experience...

My Ridge Radio Experience...

It's not everyday a girl is invited on a Radio Station to talk about her blog. So last Sunday, I was literally bursting with excitement and nerves at being a guest on Ridge Radio, a community internet radio station that covers 21 towns in Tandridge, East Surrey. This was totes exciting stuff.

Before we went on air I was unbelievably nervous, which was a first for me as I'm usually someone who is quite comfortable with anything remotely related to talking, showing off and performing. This made me realise that I need to get myself out there a bit more. It's so easy to lose confidence in yourself and your abilities the longer you keep yourself tucked away. But the shows DJ, Adam and Producer H, made me feel so welcome and at ease on their show, 50 Plays of Gray, that as soon as the introductions were through, I quickly fell into the swing of things and I absolutely loved every minute of the experience.

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