My Radio Day! - my ‘multitask medium’

My Radio Day! - my ‘multitask medium’

I love that in the internet age where there are so many gadgets to choose from and receive information and entertainment, radio remains a very human medium – essentially because it assumes we can use our own imagination. Television is all - lights, cameras, action! With radio, there’s less to get in between the listener and the broadcaster. I love the intimacy of it, the feeling that the show is for you alone, broadcasting on a very human scale. Radio fits into my day perfectly. I can be working, cooking, driving, sorting my kids out and listening (sometime with half an ear… but still listening) my ‘multitask medium’ My Favourite Radio Show is - Broadcasting House Sunday 9am with Paddy O’Connell. I actually call it the Paddy O’Connell show! News, discussion & a few gags. The Sunday papers & the BH quiz. If ’Deadpan Paddy’ wasn’t presenting I would not be listening! I used to love him on Liquid News ten years ago. Highlight – Interviewing his roving reporter ‘John Humphreys’ at Glastonbury ‘Video Will Never Kill The Radio Star’

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