My Quest for Health and Fitness. Week 1

My Quest for Health and Fitness. Week 1. - Verily, Victoria Vocalises....

Today is the first Monday of the Month. The beginning of the week. The start of a new me. A very good place to start my need to improve my health and fitness

Last Sunday I wrote here on this blog that I was looking to change my health and fitness. It’s hard to believe that over a month ago I did seven days on the Exante Dietfollow and, I am afraid to say that the weight I lost from there has pretty much all gone back on! I suppose that it is proof in the fact that if you don’t keep going, then you won’t achieve your goal.

Now, not only do I now have the amazing Fitbug Orb to use and monitor my exercise, but I have also been provided with a month’s worth of Diet Chef products which, combined, should see my lose the weight I want as well as get fit and healthy again in a bid to work off this frozen shoulder of mine!

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