My Quest for Health and Fitness - the fourth week

My Quest for Health and Fitness - the fourth week. » Verily Victoria Vocalises

This week I am SO proud of myself. There, I’ve said it. I have really enjoyed my health and fitness quest and loved getting back into an exercise regime. The exercise has really turned a corner this last week and, despite a Mothers Day lunch yesterday including chocolate and wine, I still managed to exercise.

The food this last week on Diet Chef has been lovely. This review has come to an end now but what I have learnt is how to calorie count and measure portion sizes better – as well as making more sensible choices.

Over the last week, as well as my Diet Chef meals, I have had two bars of dark chocolate but none of my Diet Chef snacks. Yesterday, Grace decided she would like to bring me breakfast in bed so I had 2 rashers of bacon and some scrambled egg. When we went to the cinema, I had some Diet Chef popcorn and some chocolate cereal bites that Ross bought. The we went to a little Italian restaurant for lunch, which Ross had discovered on his travels.

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