My Quest for Health and Fitness - the first week.

My Quest for Health and Fitness - the first week.

Last week I told you that I was starting a new health and fitness regime. As advised by Fitbug, I had a week of using my new Orb normally (to find out more about this amazing little gadget then nip over to my review) and now it has set me new targets for the coming week which I will tell you about in a moment. I have also told you more about the amazing Diet Chef that I am using – I don’t think I have loved a diet more! I have eaten such things as beef meatballs, mushroom stroganoff and coq au vin and it feels like I am eating a takeaway every night!

The exercise I have done is walking but this slackened off towards the end of last week when I didn’t have time to walk Grace to school for various reasons so I started the beginning of the week on walking 14,894 in one day and ended it yesterday on 5,450 for the day. The Fitbug Orb target for me this week is:

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