My Picture: His Words - Contentment

My Picture: His Words - Contentment

This picture is of a Victorian grotto here at the estate where I live. It is just a small shelter with fresh running water in it and in its day it had a beautiful picture painted on the back wall. It used to be that if you splashed the wall with the water the picture still appeared but sadly that's not he case any more.

When I took this picture I felt God speak to me about contentment and seeking His will and Him first and making sure that I am content with what I have. I don't have to go and live in a little hole (or grotto) so that I won't be effected by the choices of the life here on earth.  I just have to make a conscious decision to go His way and to seek Him first and when I do I will feel the contentment that only comes with knowing you are fully loved and accepted.

How are you feeling this week? Had any of those moments when you felt hard done by and as if you were missing out?  Then perhaps you ought to draw nearer and seek His will.

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