My New Best Friend…

My New Best Friend…

Well actually it’s me new hell, but I am determined to make it my new best friend.

I am not a naturally sporty person, I don’t have great coordination and I do not like doing exercise in front of other people.

However if I buy exercise DVD’s they sit on the shelf and never get used.

I need something that is staring me in the face and that I can’t get away from and can’t ignore.

We saw that this exercise bike was up for sale, and it was very cheap because the dial doesn’t work but everything else works. So Mr L and I decided to get it.

The fact that it takes up a huge amount of space in my lounge means that I use it as I hate the amount of space it takes up.

However getting on it was a scary experience.

As there is no dial we can only go on the time that we manage to be on there for and let’s just say I am incredibly unfit.

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