My Mum. There For Me During My Pregnancy and Beyond.

My Mum. There For Me During My Pregnancy and Beyond.

Pregnancy can be a very scary time. It can also be a very lonely time if you have friends around you who either don’t already have children or who are not pregnant themselves. If you have read my past post about the relationship with my daughter’s father then you can probably imagine that it was not an easy time by any stretch of the imagination but there was one person who was there for me the whole time, night or day. My Mum.


My Mum is not only a qualified NNEB Nanny but she has 7 children of her own, of which I am the eldest. Throughout my pregnancy I was regularly in tears and would spend a lot of my time during the day – particularly my lunch breaks – with her. Then, when I went into labour, she was there. From 9am in the morning, throughout the day, when Grace was born and then until midnight when Grace’s father was long gone and the hospital finally found me a bed.

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