My Love My Life 2/12 - I dream of Daisy

My Love My Life 2/12 - I dream of Daisy

No school Friday, Monday and Tuesday, so plenty time for lots of fun activities with my favourite little person. Our first adventure of the weekend was a trip to Stonehaven, which is a lovely coastal village fifteen miles south of where we stay in Aberdeen. It was a fairly mild day but snow was forecast for 3pm so we needed to get out and back at a reasonable hour just in case the weather turned nasty. Stonehaven or Stoney to locals, is picture perfect. It's a place I used to go as a kid in the summertime, back then they had a lot more facilities for kids. It’s a shame how they don’t preserve certain attractions. Saying that, the old outdoor swimming pool is still going strong. Just about everyone has been in it once and lived to tell the tale and I'm hoping to take Daisy one day as a right of passage really, but she needs to get some meat on her bones first because it will no doubt be freezing.

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