My Love Affair with Rug Doctor (A review)

My Love Affair with Rug Doctor (A review)

My carpets have needed cleaning for the longest time and when I say cleaning I don't mean hoovering or swept, that I do on an almost daily basis as well as spot cleaning any spills or accidents. I have however kept putting it off washing the carpets, or having them washed because my children are unfortunately in the habit of walking straight into the living room shoes still on and not worry about the dirt they are bringing in, that and the fact there is not much room at the bottom of the stairs and I often find it easier to roll my sleeping toddler into the sitting room and take him out in there before collapsing the pushchair. Therefore it wouldn't be long before I'd be washing it again.

Anything that can't be picked up by a hoover or a good old broom has remained below the surface, until now. The lovely people at rug doctor sent me a machine to borrow and review

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