My little helper - 1/52

My little helper - 1/52

When I planned my weeks food yesterday (for the first time ever!) to help with get back on track with Slimming World, I knew there was one place I'd have to go today.

Deryneia has a farmers market every Saturday morning, I'd been meaning to go for weeks now but had never got round to it before, always ending up getting a couple of bits at the supermarket while Leo was at school.

I chickened out of taking Louka, leaving him at home with Aaron and instead I enlisted Leo as 'my little helper'

Usually one to be a handful whilst shopping he loved our trip to the market, holding my list and reading out what we needed, then finding it on the stalls and choosing the produce.

I gave him the money and he asked the stallholders how much it was and handed it over speaking in Greek to them. He was given a huge strawberry by one lady so I think that's why he speaks in Greek, he knows they think it's cute and tends to be given things!

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