My Interview with Chef Paul Rankin

My Interview with Chef Paul Rankin

Recently I was lucky enough to be able to put some questions to Chef Paul Rankin. Paul was a regular on Ready Steady Cook back in the day and recently starred with Nick Nairn in ‘Paul and Nick’s Big Food Trip’.

How did you start out in the culinary world Paul? I read you were classically trained.

I was first introduced to the culinary world by my wife Jeanne when we were travelling in the early 1980’s. I bought my first cookbook in Kathmandu during our time in Nepal and then we moved on to Canada. When we arrived in Canada, I took a crash course in how to make it as a successful waiter and that was the start of my love affair with the business.

As I started working my way around better and better establishments, I became more interested in food. I started helping the chefs prepare the food and I really enjoyed it, so I wrote a letter to the Roux brothers to ask if I could train with them.

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