My Home Office Space

My Home Office Space - Blue Bear Wood

I’ve been slowly redesigning and decorating up our snug since Christmas. It’s taken a long time as this is one of the most used rooms in the house … it has the TV and it is one of the main routes into the garden in the Summer!

I was planning to do room room unveil when it was finished but Jen at LoveChicLiving has a fabulous competition on her blog about ‘Desk Landscaping‘ that this room redesign was perfect for. So here’s a sneak peak of the space I’ve created in the room for me to work from.

I do my practical work in various places around the house but the content is written up here. Up until now I’ve had to have my laptop well, err … on my lap in this chair! It’s a lovely comfy chair but not really good for beavering away on the lap top for a few hours.

Now though I have a dedicated work station. There’s still a little bit to finish. The skirting had to be repaired and damaged the plaster so a few holes to fill in and then the final coat of white.

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