My health and fitness new year resolution progress…

My health and fitness new year resolution progress…

My new years resolution is in full swing; I’ve been eating healthy on a daily basis and squeeze in exercise more than twice a week. My friend and I have been rooting each other on and forcing each other out of the house for fitness classes, swimming and the gym. My main goal (which is fairly hard to measure) is to feel less ‘sluggish’, gain a bit of strength and just improve my overall health.

My weight has never fluctuated and I’ve been 7 stone 3 lbs since I can remember, naturally I presumed I gained weight as I eat, A LOT! However, I’ve lost weight bringing me to 7 stone. I’m only 5ft tall, so although it sounds like I’m light as a feather, I certainly don’t look underweight. I’d say I looked ‘average’ or even ‘cuddly’! In sight of this, my goals shifted: to achieving a healthy weight i

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