My Guide to Edinburgh: O – R

My Guide to Edinburgh: O – R

Old Odeon. The Odeon cinema on Clerk Street was very conveniently positioned. As a first year student, with lectures finishing in George Square at 2pm and dinner not starting at Pollock until 5pm, the temptation of a cheap mid-afternoon ticket for the flicks almost always proved too much. At least a couple of times a week I would pop in ‘on my way home’. By the end of the year, my walls were covered with bright green ticket stubs. I saw Monsters Inc there. I also saw Hannibal, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Monsoon Wedding, American Pie 2… I wasn’t fussy. I just loved the feel of the place. I loved the beautiful art deco building, the deep blue carpets, the almost-empty screens… Most of all I loved Odeon lady. Odeon lady was an older woman, tall with white hair, very glamorous, immaculate eye-make up, and a big bright, friendly smile for every person whose ticket she ripped.

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