My Guest Post on Top Global Down Syndrome Blog

My Guest Post on Top Global Down Syndrome Blog Ever since I began writing Downs Side Up almost 2 years ago, Rick and his family over at Noahs Dad Dot Com have been a huge source of inspiration.

When you say Down's Syndrome blog or online support community, you immediately think of his website, probably the most popular in the world.

I was proud and honoured when Rick asked me to write a guest post as part of Down Syndrome Awareness Month #DSAM2013. He then went on to tell me that I would be his first ever guest blogger and that he reaches a million or so people a month. (Nothing to be nervous about then, ahem!)

I set about trying to think of a post that could bring something new to the table, wouldn't repeat what Rick had already written, something that brought a flavour of Britishness to his American audience in a way that brought us all closer across the miles. I hope I achieved that and I hope you enjoy

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