My first festival

My children were aghast when I made a shocking confession. As far as they are concerned the summer isn’t complete without a festival or two so their eyes nearly popped out of their heads when I admitted I had never been to one in my life. The closest I’ve got has been dropping them off at the station, all bright-eyed and welly-clad. But this weekend, once my husband and son had safely made it to Paris on their marathon bike ride, I actually went to a festival. Admittedly it was only for a day (no weekend camping for me) and it was Cornbury, or “Poshstock” as it’s known. It’s held on the Great Tew estate in the wilds of Oxfordshire and the fact that David Cameron goes every year (and popped in on Saturday with his family to see Keane) probably says it all.

I thought I might hate it but it was FANTASTIC – especially as the sun beamed down all afternoon, I had my daughter for company and I got to see Amy Macdonald and Van Morrison, two of my favourite acts in the whole world...

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