“My Family Comes First”

“My Family Comes First”

What does that mean? In the context of your life?

“My Family Come First”.

I only ask, because it’s a phrase I’ve struggled with, not just from my own perspective but when other people have said it. I heard it recently whilst visiting friends and it’s sat there, on my brain, waiting for me to figure it out.

You see, I was visiting a friend who works very very hard in a full-time job. She gets to do that job 90% of the time from her home, which means she has flexibility to walk to the bus stop to meet her daughter from school a few days a week and drop her son at nursery. On the whole though, she has to work a 40 hour week. She has worked very hard to get to her position in a major British company. She has done years of study since applying as a graduate there and has the job she aimed to get. She gets the job done but she told me that nowadays “My family comes first”.

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