My extra special Mum

My extra special Mum

I count myself as an super lucky woman, not everyone has a Mum a fabulous as mine. Each time you see those competitions where you can enter someone to win an award for being exceptional I feel I should enter my Mum. It is a bit of a tricky one really though as there is no one exceptional reason why she should win. Thankfully she has not had to parent a terminally ill child, rescue someone from a burning building or overcome a massive tragedy.

What she does is just be her loving self every day. She once told me I was the heart of her heart and I feel exactly the same way back, it is so sad that we do not live closer and get to see each other every week. I think we do well for living a couple of hours apart and I cherish the time we have together, even if there are usually three very intense children after her attention.

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