My Edinburgh Guide: K – N

My Edinburgh Guide: K – N

Katie’s Diner. I’m always amazed at the number of people who live in Bruntsfield and haven’t heard of Katie’s Diner. It’s a bit tucked away on Barclay Terrace, but the bright blue and red neon sign in the window means you can’t miss it if you’re walking across the Links. It’s an American Style diner, serving brilliant burgers and steaks in a relaxed setting. The walls are covered with posters and photos of iconic American landmarks, and the shelves are cluttered with various knick-knacks that Kate and Geoff’s loyal customers have brought them back from holidays in the US. If you’re in for a meal, look out for a model of King Kong climbing the Empire State Building – that tasteful piece was a contribution from DorkyDad and me.

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