My Edinburgh Guide: H – J

My Edinburgh Guide: H – J

Haar. I love me a good Edinburgh haar, when you can’t see to the end of your nose and you get chilled so far through that you can feel your bones shivering. I was born on an island, so I’m well used to coastal fog, but it’s only in Edinburgh that I’ve ever seen it really roll in, swirling around like it’s being pumped out of a smoke machine.

Henri’s. This is a great wee French deli at the bottom of Morningside Road (and now in Stockbridge too, I think). DorkyDad loved it because it was the only place he could find his beloved bavette steaks. I loved it for the stinky cheeses and duck confit. And DorkySon loved it for the chocolatey things that were always right at his eye level in the glass cabinets. On sunny days you could even sit outside and have a coffee after doing your shopping. Magic.

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