My Edinburgh Guide: D – G

My Edinburgh Guide: D – G

So yesterday I posted the first installment of my guide to Edinburgh, covering A-C, along with an explanation of why I’m doing it. Today I’m posting Part 2, letters D-G. Again, if you want to post any thoughts and suggestions, along with your own favourite things about the city, you’re very welcome to do that in the comments below.

Dominion Cinema. If you live in Edinburgh and you’ve never been to the Dominion, you’re missing out on a real hidden treasure. I imagine this is how all cinemas used to be, and after you’ve been, even once, it becomes impossible to return to the soulless seats of the out-of-town multiplexes. Tucked away on Newbattle Terrace in Morningside, and still family-run, the entrance of the Dominion is crammed with photos of the smiling owners, standing beside numerous famous actors – from Sean Connery to Sigourney Weaver. Inside, it’s all leather seats, gin and tonics, and a sparkling, starry night embedded in the ceiling. When the cinema itself is this good, the quality of the film you’re watching seems a lot less important.

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