My Dirty Little Secret - I hated breastfeeding

My Dirty Little Secret - I hated breastfeeding

When we were thinking about having kids I decided I would like to breastfeed. One of my friends, my role model really for being a mum, had three kids, and she breastfed them all until they were a year old. As far as I could see it was easier than sterilising bottles and making up formula, and much cheaper too! When my children actually arrived I discovered things about breastfeeding that no one had cared to share with me before, and it was a big shock. Which leads me to confess my Dirty Little Secret. I hated breastfeeding – and here’s why…

Breast is Best.

That’s what the campaign says.

I don’t know what it’s like in the States, but here in the UK as soon as you start visiting your midwife, or antenatal clinic for check ups you get bombarded with posters, and leaflets, and directions that Breast is Best and that you must breastfeed your children to protect them from all sorts of diseases, and to make them intelligent, and to protect you from diseases like cancer and osteoporosis.

I don’t recall at any time during my pregnancy seeing any real information about formula feeding.

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