Musing on a Monday {the optimist vs the pessimist}

Musing on a Monday {the optimist vs the pessimist}

I've decided I seem to be a bit of a pessimist at the moment whilst the husband is the optimist.

It could be worse - we could both be self pitying, negative individuals.

The problem lies with me. Clearly.

I see a situation - I look for the bad in it.

He sees an outcome - I see a difficult journey.

He looks ahead - I'm stuck in the here and now.

He has big goals - I get frustrated that we're not there now.

He takes it bit by bit - I get impatient.

He sees the tough times as being short term - I panic that I can't get what I want now.

He's under stress he keeps it contained - I'm under stress I blow like a freaking erupting volcano.

Is this a good thing?

Is this an example of yin and yang?

Is it just that I'm a realist, and maybe actually a little bit boring, who needs to go and free base jump off a high cliff to liven up?

Or maybe I just need to learn to cha cha cha...

So what are you?

Optimist or pessimist?

Do we need both in this world?

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