Musical maestro Beethoven attends a rave

Musical maestro Beethoven attends a rave

Hai, is Beethoven of German classical musics here.

Other day I listen to radio when wonderful song come on that is full of energies and movements. It go like bip-bip, da-da, bip-bip, and had man sing “Pump up the volume, pump up the volume” all the way through. When song finish I wait see if radio DJ say who song was by, but he more interest in asking ladies to ring him to talk about what their favourite colour for underwear is. I throw shoe at radio in frustration, which fall over and scare family cat.

I was very excite to find out from daughter that nearby nightclub play bip-bip songs every Friday night. I ask if she take me clubbing and teach me how to dance but she laugh and say no. I tell her I plan to wear smart velvet jacket but she still say no. I explain that I can wear nice buckled shoes and freshly powdered wig, but she scream at me. I call her ungrateful Nazi bitch and she slam bedroom door in my face, so I decide go nightclub by myself.

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