Mungo and the Dinosaur Island

Mungo and the Dinosaur Island - Over there to Here

Do you have a child who loves dinosaurs? One of our favourite children’s books about dinosaurs is Mungo and the Dinosaur Island. Why? There are baddies in it – and that’s not the dinosaurs, not even T-Rex. No, they’re Scarface Sam and his gang hunting for the ‘Utterly Flutterly Butterfly.’ The book comes alive. The dinosaurs come running out of the book into Mungo’s room because he ‘turned the page too soon.’ There’s a lost island with a secret. And the pages are filled with vibrant and colourful illustrations which move the story along from page to page. And, of course, it’s a kids book about dinosaurs. Brave Stegosaurus, bellowing Brachiosaurus, scary Tyrannosaurus Rex and others all join forces with Mungo to stop Scarface Sam.

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