mumturnedmom: Me and The Expat Wives Club

mumturnedmom: Me and The Expat Wives Club

On Sunday I spent a wonderful afternoon in Boston with some lovely ladies. The Expat Wives Club, as I think of us!

One of our number was celebrating a birthday and we joined her for afternoon tea in the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons. Very swish! One of our number was missing, and missed. It was a beautiful afternoon and I took a stroll through Central Boston on my way there. It was sunny, it was warm(er!) and I felt refreshed; and reminded of why I love the city of Boston so much. As I walked past Quincy Market and the State House, down Tremont Street and through the Common, the sun was streaming through the buildings, making decent photographs impossible, but leaving me these wonderful reminders of a sunny afternoon. Our get together finished with a stroll back across the Common and through the wonderfully quirky Beacon Hill; perfect.

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