mumturnedmom: #CountryKids – more fun in the snow…

mumturnedmom: #CountryKids – more fun in the snow…

At the risk of boring you all silly, this week we have been mainly… playing in the snow!

It may have snowed on Monday and Thursday, but the beginning of the week was much milder. As we’ve been cooped up so much I’ve been making sure that we walk to and from school when we can, and that the kids play in the garden when we get home in the afternoon. After two months of snow I’m running low on inspiration, so I’ve largely left them to their own devices. And, they are quite happy to play; kicking over precarious lumps of ice left by the beginnings of the melt, spinning on sledges and playing with ice left in buckets. For those who read last weeks post about their potion, over the weekend it was mild enough for the collected snow and ice to start to melt. The kids spent ages smashing it and mixing it, finishing their potion!

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