Mummy, you’re wearing an ice-cream! Wow!

Mummy, you’re wearing an ice-cream! Wow!

I received a few exciting deliveries last week (oh hello birthday!) but one that really put a smile on my face was a gift of an ‘ice-cream’ necklace from a Brighton designer and illustrator Claire Montgomery of Cat-A-Cake Creations. I love jewellery. I used to spend a lot of time mooching round the Laines and appreciating the jewels, much like people visiting art galleries. I have my classics but I love a bit more bling and fun for days when I’m in the mood. This certainly ticks that box!

Claire is a designer and one of her specialities is laser cut jewellery. If any of my very hip female relatives are reading this (yes, you!), you might have already been lucky enough to have received something by Claire for birthdays or Christmas. I’ve been a fan for a while.

The ice-cream comes in a variety of styles, but I just love the fun pop of glossy mirrored pink...

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