Mummy, when am i going to die?

Mummy, when am i going to die?

As you can imagine i barely stopped myself from crying when i heard my daughter saying that. How can a 4 and half year old ask such a thing? To tell you the truth she's been asking questions about death and people dying for a while now and every time someway or another i managed to get out of explaining her exactly what death is.

But this time around she didn't stop...she asked over and over again... And while she was asking this question she came and sat in my arms so i had no escape!

So this is how our conversation went:

Mummy: Kara why are you asking such a thing sweetheart! Kara: Mummy, i just want to know that is know daddy's mummy and daddy tell me... Mummy: But sweetheart nobody knows when someone dies. People die because they are really old or because they get really really ill. You are 4 and a half years old and there is a long time to go until you get old...

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