The joys of a simple laugh

I would like to share a few of my happy warm fuzzy feeling moments with you. These don't include the obvious first times and their birthdays as these are expected to be a highlight of a parents life. These are the other moments which stop me from becoming a raving alcoholic most nights. The look in both boys eyes and their smiles when they first see each other in the morning.

The laughter coming from the back seats as I'm driving along as the boys are making each other laugh.

The boy saying 'warker' instead of 'kacker' when trying to say water.

Watching the young one kiss himself in the mirror.

The boy using husband as a motorbike and pulling his ears to make him go faster.

Watching the boy copying daddy with his tools.

Watching the young one coo into daddy.

These are just a few snippets of why I love being a mummy and I wouldn't change any of it (although I would like to sleep past 5.30 please)

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