Multicultural Christmas gift Ideas for children under 10 years

Some months ago I bought Valentina her first doll. Hubby and I opted to go for a mixed race rag doll. Her name is Naomi. We felt it was important that not only for her but for her brother to have toys that reflected them as much as possible, along with other ‘main stream’ ones of course. I say other main stream because finding black and mixed race doll, as well as toys is not easy. Well Christmas is around it got me thinking about what to get the kids. It seemed natural to continue in the same vein and purchase gifts that re-enforce positive images of people of colour. After chatting with acquaintances, searching the internet and referring to mixed race and multicultural blogs that I follow, I've found 10 items that should interest to children of mixed heritage and little global citizens. Here's my list and its not exhaustive, at all...

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