Mr Dinosaur visits Hyde Park

Mr Dinosaur visits Hyde Park

Taking the toddler to see the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum was my choice as a birthday treat for me. Yup, lovely mummy that I am, it actually proved a hit with Little G who in a Peppa Pig inspired obsession is nuts about dinosaurs (and yes, Mr Dinosaur came too).

We arrived at South Kensington Tube Station and first had a very delicious and reasonably priced lunch at Comptoir Libanais (I can really recommend for small kids). This meant we had full tummies ready to tackle the very popular and packed Natural History Museum. First, the dinosaurs…the small animatronic ones were a success, but Little G leapt into my arms and shuddered in fear when we heard and saw the giant T-Rex! Cue a quick exit to the Mammal Room which houses the big blue whale, dolphins and elephants…my all time favourite room. I suspect on our next visit the dinosaurs won’t be so scary!

However, our favourite part of the day was actually the little playground we found behind the tennis and bowls pavilion café in Hyde Park...

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