Movies in France - how to find a film in English

Movies in France - how to find a film in English - The Lou Messugo Blog

Going to the movies is a universal pleasure but one that can become fraught with complications when living (or even holidaying) in a foreign country that isn't English-speaking. How do you find a film in English?

In some European countries - I'm thinking Scandinavia in particular - all films are screened in their original language but that isn't the case in France which has a love affair with the dreaded dubbing. I say "dreaded" because, you've guessed it, I hate dubbing. I think a film loses so much when the original actors' voices are replaced. No matter how great the actor is doing the dubbing, I just don't think they can get into the part as much as the original actor and as a consequence some emotion is lost. But it's not just that, it's also the fact that the characters' mouths move differently to the words being said which is distracting and off-putting and finally the fact that I often know the voice of the original actor which makes the sound coming out just plain wrong.

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