Movie Mondays: Veronica Mars

Movie Mondays: Veronica Mars

Last week my local AMC cinema finally saw it fit to schedule showings of the new Veronica Mars movie which put a whopping big grin on my face. You may remember me telling you about the release of this film a few months ago and how excited I was to see it. And with how I was feeling last couple weeks it seemed like the perfect way to get me back to my old self. The original plan was to see it on Friday but my liver had other plans. I was to attend the leaving party of one of my colleagues that day after work, have a drink, say my goodbyes and then pop off to the cinema to "find myself" but that is not what happened. One drink turned into a few and the one hour I was to spend there turned into 5 haha. And funnily enough, it was just what I needed; I let my hair down, had a few laughs and was in bed by 10.30 pm.

I am such a party animal, I know ;)

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