Movie Mondays: Veronica Mars

Movie Mondays: Veronica Mars

Eeeeeeeeek!! I just can't contain my excitement!! So, I just checked my Instgram feed and was given the best gift from 2013. It seems I am still off my game when it comes to being aware of upcoming movies. Back in the day I was (and still am!!) a huge Veronica Mars fan. I would force my whole family watch it with me when I first discovered it on Trouble (do you remember that channel?? They had some really good shows!) but it was only my dad and sister that were true converts lol. The one thing that really pissed me off was that I could not find the DVD box sets anywhere. I trolled the internet and the very few DVD stores around (I am I the only one who noticed the lack of DVD stores back then?) and came up empty. I then shrugged my shoulders when it was no longer played on TV and said my very sad goodbyes as it joined the many other TV shows that shouldn't have been cancelled (read: Kyle XY).

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